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    Emanuela enjoys going to strip clubs. She is not bisexual, but she admires beauty in all its forms, especially the curves of a lovely young woman. She loves to spend quiet time with her dates. ❤ “There are lots of girls who’ll go to a strip club with you,” she says. “They’ll pretend to think it’s sexy. They’ll pretend to enjoy it. ❤ That’s because they know it’s relatively rare to bring a date to a strip club, and most of the dates who do come in with men at strip clubs are down for it. A lot of those girls are bisexual or will pretend to be because that’s such a popular fantasy with men. Just about every straight man gets turned on when two sexy ladies get it on with each other. That’s just a fact. But I don’t see any point in just pretending to be turned on. ❤ And I’m not going to pretend to be someone I’m not. There are plenty of girls who’ll pretend to be bisexual because there’s money in it. I am straight, but I will also be perfectly honest: I think women naked is the body is one of the most beautiful things in the world. ❤ I love nude photography and nude art. I am just amazed at everything the human body can be made to do, the way it looks when it is turned and moved in every direction. ❤ So yes, I’ll go to strip clubs gladly. I’ll drink and party with my date, and I’ll enjoy the fact that he knows I’m secure enough about myself that I don’t mind if he looks around and enjoys himself. Hell, I don’t even mind, when I’m with a lover, if he brings home a sexy girl to play with us. She may not be the focus of my interest, but if he’s enjoying himself and having his fantasy, that’s fine with me. I can also admire the two of them together. That’s because I just love the female form. I love beautiful women because I love beauty. It isn’t even sexual, though I guess that depends on the circumstances. It’s aesthetic before it’s anything else.” ❤ Escort Slovakia – Bratislava Escort – Bratislava Escorts. ❤ Emanuela loves her own body and is very proud of it. “I would be lying if I said I didn’t take long, slow looks at myself,” she says. “I really love how I look. I love every curve, every shape of my body. And I love knowing that other people like my body too. When somebody looks at me and I can see the hunger in their eyes when I can see the lust, that’s very affirming for me. That tells me I’m not just attractive, but I can use what I’ve got to create a desire in others. That is really special to me.” ❤ Escort Slovakia – Bratislava Escort – Bratislava Escorts.