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    Hello Ladies, Gents and Couples,
    Let’s leave the complicated world behind and simply enjoy ourselves as your stressful day melts away in my presence! Allow me to soothe your aches, your unfulfilled desires, your primal wants. Allow me to also connect with you on an intimate and genuine level, without pretence and without a script. I’m a country girl at heart – my mind and willingness to satisfy are open and uncomplicated. I love a good chat while we get to know each other over a glass or two of wine or bubbly. Let’s converse about our day and week and find common ground together while we begin our sensual and intimate exploration of each other. I love to pamper and tease you, drawing out our foreplay from the moment you first capture my smile as we meet. With my open-minded and giving nature, I’ll make sure you feel indulged and passionately satisfied. It’s all about having a sensual and erotic time as your girlfriend or turning up the dirty heat as your naughty PSE submissive or lover of water sports and boundary-pushing.
    My face and demeanour are angelic and at first, I’m sure you’ll see me as an innocent and petite flower. When I blossom in our encounter, you’ll see there is a depth to me that is greater than my face and body would first suggest. My face is my best feature, with full cheeks and high cheekbones, eyes that are uniquely sparkling green and a smile and positive and warm personality. My body is a 10/10 and does not require retouching, nor photoshopping excess weight or imperfections. I’ve danced my whole life and it shows in my body’s taut and toned curves. My legs are long and shapely, slim and elegant. Female Bratislava Escorts – Bratislava Escort. My waist is small and dainty, as if of an oriental flower. My bust is large and full, but natural and soft. My skin is flawless and soft and is complimented by my blonde tresses that fall invitingly across my green eyes, eyes that are as crystalline as the ocean. I’m not a young girl, but a woman who understands the inner workings of a man, a gentleman, and knows how to please beyond merely looking pretty. It’s the extra elements my maturity will bring to our rendezvous that will make our date memorable and make my presence infectiously hypnotising. Female Bratislava Escorts – Bratislava Escort. I love to laugh and my sense of humour is a little dark, a little left of centre I would say. I’m active and fit and so can perform in the bedroom with cardio endurance. I enjoy fine dining and the country way of life. I’m not a fast-paced woman and so I don’t rush anything – our time together will be unrushed and jovial, sexually charged and satisfying. Female Bratislava Escorts – Bratislava Escort. Taking our time with the build-up is what will make our moment sensational! I’m not simply one for a quick interlude and prefer to be courtesan to a select few very special gentlemen who can afford the time to experience a depth of sensuality that can only be achieved with time together. I provide quality over quantity and as such usually only see one or two gentlemen on any one day. You can be assured that I will be fresh and ready to attend to you by being totally focused on you and not preoccupied with a hectic schedule. My strength rests in unwrapping each other like delicate flower blossoms, or like lovers reacquainted after a long absence. My affections are best understood as a dinner date companion or an extended loving interlude rather than a quickie fix. It’s not me at all and hence you’ll find I don’t offer services under 1 hour and prefer to reserve my weekend bookings for my regular gentlemen or extended dates. What is Miss Bardot however, is heart-shaped chocolates, lilies and orchids, Chopard Wish perfume and delicious food and companionship. Accordingly, I love my men uncomplicated, gentlemanly and unpretentious. Allow me to treat you like a king, whether it is as a sensual girlfriend encounter or as your own personal, erotic and sexy porn star. Whatever your pleasure, I am happy to indulge you in my womanly delights and show you a woman’s eroticism extends far beyond that which is visual. Female Bratislava Escorts – Bratislava Escort. My apartment is my own exclusively and I treat it like it’s my 2nd home. I do not share it with anyone other than my special gentlemen guests so you can be assured you will feel completely at home and relaxed when you visit me.

    With kisses,